A PATH TO PEACE 
               During the week of March 13th-17th, the English Department has led several activities related to the topic "Sustainable Development for Peace" We named our projects as “ A PATH TO PEACE” . All the different levels at school, from ESO to Bachiller, have taken part in these activities and they all had the chance to pull their weight and carry out an endless number of creative activities related to the main topic considering sustainability and peace.

               Students from following levels(2nd, 3rd, 4th)  have developed analysis about natural resources and the need of recycling to get a sustainable world and ensure the durability of our planet.

               In this context, pupils from first of ESO have cooperated with the design of a fantastic world map which displayed all the countries and nationalities now present in our school (17 different nationalities) . Similarly, posters containing detailed information from those countries have also been undertaken so that everyone at school could access detailed information about them.

                Regarding the higher levels, students have done a myriad of posters on the importance of sustainability in our planet at all levels, contributing works on the undeniable relevance of NGOs like Oxfam, Unicef, the Red Cross and their arduous work.

                Last but not least, the jewel in the crown throughout the week has been the so called Eco-Planes Market, led by Juanjo Bastida and Mercedes Escavy and a group of students who belong to THE BIG BROTHER TEAM.  A personal market where whole educational community had a say. Both Students and teachers have collaborated in bringing to school an endless supply of items such as books, toys, jewellery, music, bags and clothes. The best part is the fact that money raised during the week will be given to the Foundation “ ARCOS DEL CASTILLO” which led many shelters for young children in our town.

    The whole staff from the Department of English want to thank our partners , our students and the heads of studies and director for having supported our projects.

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