2ºESO. We are the champions!!! UPCT Campus of Engineering.

2ºB and 2ºA students with the project  " Workshop of the Water " are the winners in their category.
Congratulations to this wonderful students and to their great teacher, MªJesús Almagro.

This a project which is joined to another  innovation  on that is taking place in our school. We are linking  the  study of the water to the knowledge of a work of art. Here, there is  a blog where you can follow  the experiments  we are carrying out.       
https: // h2ocienciayarte.blogspot.com.es/

The campus of the Engineering is an educational and cultural project organized by the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT) and the Teachers' Center and Resources Region of Murcia (CPR) and the Council of Education, Youth and Sports. The Campus of the Engineering relies on the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Department of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and that of  Seneca Foundation within  the Council of Employment, Universities and Company. Its purpose is to present the science and the technology of an attractive and motivating way.
The main  activity of the Campus is the  spreading, communication and promotion of scientific and technological knowledge, being the principal actors the students of the educational centers (Infant, Primary and Secondary), and the teachers who voluntarily take part in the formative activities of the CPR. The projects developed in the educational centers answer to different disciplines as  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geology, Technology or Technical drawing, foundation core subjects  in the studies given in the UPCT.

We have studied the water, from the point of chemical elements that form it  and the characteristics of the molecule,  and from the physical aspect  (density, points of merging and boiling, superficial tension)
Also, we have been considering   contents related to the importance of the water at the obtaining of energy, saving and management of the water and environmental problems.

  Experiences proposal:

- A three-dimensional model of the molecule of the water.

- Water electrolysis.

- Superficial tension. The water that does not fall. The bubbles.

- Osmosis in balls of gel.

- "Ludión" of Discarded cards.

- Water-clock or water clock

- Energy Make My Trip.

- Hydraulic power.


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