Playing the game in fashion "Charade" with Oliver.

This week in our lessons with Oliver, we are playing "Charade" or "Heads up". This game is trendy in Ellen DeGeneres show. This time, we're  using Oliver's I-phone app. Here are the rules for  the game:

The game is a lot like word charades, where participants must guess which word the other players are describing. The words pop up on the phone and each player gets 60 seconds to guess as many words as possible based on the clues given to them by other participants. If you download and install the game, playing Heads Up! is easy and fun.
Organize into teams of two. If more than two people are playing, have everyone split up into teams of two. One player will guess the word on the screen while their teammate will provide clues to them. The goal is to guess the word that appears on the tablet without looking at it. Each time that a person guesses the word on the screen correctly, they receive a point.
Choose a deck. In Heads Up! there are a variety of subjects that you can choose from. Talk to your friends and determine which subject everyone likes the best. Decks include celebrities, movies, animals, accents, and characters.
Read the deck description and tap Play. Once you tap the deck you want to play, you'll be brought to a brief description of what kind of clues will be in the deck. Talk to other people who are playing with you to determine if this is the topic you'd all like to play before starting the game
Put the back of the phone against your forehead. Decide who wants to go first, then have them put the phone against their forehead, with the face of the phone facing out so that their teammate can see the word. After a countdown, the game will begin. Putting the phone on your forehead will make sure that you can't see the word, but that your teammate can.
- Tilt the phone down if you guess the word correctly. Your teammate will see the word and try to provide clues without saying the word directly. The person giving the clues should signal when you've gotten the word correct. Once you do, tilt the phone down so that the face of the phone points towards the floor. This will record your point.
-Tilt the phone up if you can't guess the word. If you're totally stumped and aren't sure what the word is, tilt the phone upwards to skip the card and go on to the next one. This won't count against your score, but you won't get a point for the card.
Continue guessing cards until the time runs out. You have 60 seconds to guess all of the cards in the deck for your turn. Try to guess as many words as you can before the time runs out. Once the timer goes down to zero, it will tally up your points. After you have guessed the words in your deck, it's your teammate's turn to guess the word and your turn to hold the phone. Whoever scores the most points at the end of the round wins.

  • You can play as many rounds as you want.
  • If you are playing with more than 2 people, you can combine the points on each team, and whichever team gets the most, wins.

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